Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Package thieves caught

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned a package thief being mentioned a few times on the Columbia Heights Yahoo listserve - apparently somebody had been taking packages out of mailboxes and off of stoops. Looks like, thanks to a responsible citizen, a couple thieves were caught last Thursday:

Package thiefs have been arrested. At 3pm today I saw the same woman and a guy forcefully open front door of our building and pick up two packages from foyer

I called 911 and followed them for 45 minutes to corner of 16th and Florida where cops finally stopped them. Thiefs took items out of boxes in alley by 1101 then zig zagged many blocks before they realized I was STILL following them. There, they removed some more items before eventually being arrested.

They are being charged with breaking in and entering, mail theft, etc. I will be called to court to act as a witness. Officer stated that thiefs most likely will also recieve stay away order for this neighborhood.

By the way, during my pursuit I had to call 911 twice as I did not see ONE police officer from 1101 all the way to 16th and Florida due to fewer police on duty becuase of Emancipation Day(holiday).
Cool! Anybody else had issues with mail or packages getting stolen?


  1. I had a package from my grandparents sent to me and it 'never made it'. I live at 11th and Park and while I usually don't have problems, that was the only assumption. It was only candy was free candy! Whoever took it, I hope they enjoyed it!

  2. Kudos to the person who helped catch them!

  3. I have had many packages stolen. Some directly from my mailbox. Some from my porch. I'd like to think that these are the people who stole my items, so that they stop. I'm skeptical, however, that there's only one set of mail thieves running around Columbia Heights . . .


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