Friday, April 24, 2009

Ellwood Thompson's plans delayed

This stinks. Via DCist, Ellwood Thompson's, the organic supermarket that planned to move to DCUSA, has delayed their plan to open, with no timetable. DCist reports that they still have a lease for the space, but can't afford construction right now. There's no timetable, just that they won't be opening in fall like they had planned.
"It's honestly dependent on our sales picking up,[spokesperson Cyndi] Watkins said, noting that the Richmond store is barely breaking even right now. "The company is really exited about moving in to [D.C.], but we've got to look after the employees that we've got here."
This is extra frustrating to me, as I emailed the store in late March, and Watkins said they were looking to start construction soon: "We are securing contractors etc to start working on out DC location at the moment, we do not have a date as when we expect to open as of yet. But as soon as we do we will let you know we are hoping for the end of 2009 early 2010."


  1. Really surprising. Just this morning I saw work being done inside the space.

  2. They would seriously make a killing in DCUSA. I can see folks hurting in Richmond, but not as much in DC. This will be a lost opportunity for the business as a whole if they can't open within a year.

  3. Construction inside the space continued this morning. The doors were open and workers were inside hammering away. Any idea what's going? Clearly someone is planning to use the space for something in the near future.


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