Monday, April 27, 2009

Daylight shooting on Sunday

I normally don't like writing about crime, but this is an unusual circumstance: there was some shots fired at about 4 pm Sunday at 14th and Harvard. I saw a question about it on the 3D substation Listserve and a mention on DCist, where a commenter has his version of what happened:
I'm writing to confirm the shooting at 14th and Harvard today. In fact, I witnessed the entire incident at about 4:10PM. Was in my car on Harvard about to turn south onto 14th when I saw a young black male on the opposite side of the intersection pull a black handgun out of his pocket. He lifted the gun and started shooting (about 3 or 4 shots) at another young black male running east on Harvard. Still in shock my friend and I turned right to get out of there but got stuck at the red light by Dunkin Donuts. The shooter (black male, jeans, red t-shirt) came running south on 14th behind us so we decided to drive through the red light to create some distance. Another SUV did the exact same as us and ran the red light to get the hell out of there. We immediately called 911 to report what we had just witnessed. The shooter disappeared by the apartment building on the SW corner of 14th and Harvard.

The scary thing is that this happened in the middle of the day and the people involved looked like they were no older than 15 or 16. People walking nearby on the sidewalk hit the ground as soon as they heard shots.

Still in shock...
Pretty nuts. Anybody see this?


  1. I was on 14th at Columbia and saw the shooter running West across 14th and shooting back to the East. Broad F'n Daylight. I spoke with Cops on 15th as I headed home. They had no chance of finding the guy. I feel pretty good about the neighborhood these days.

  2. 8 or 9 cruisers on the corner of holmead and perry last night around midnight. Anybody know what was up?

  3. It's not even summer yet. God help us.


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