Thursday, April 2, 2009

Columbia Hype

So we're starting a new weekly post here at NCH, Columbia Hype, brought to you be the folks at 2BloxDC, a new blog about DC events and arts. The post will be your guide to things to do and see around the neighborhood each weekend. Enjoy!

Featured Event

For those of you who are unaware, Columbia Heights is home to the Gala Hispanic Theatre, the National Center for Latino Performing Arts in Washington DC. The avowed mission of the Gala Hispanic Theatre is to cultivate a bilingual approach to the dramatic arts. All of their performances utilize projected subtitles, which inform viewers who may not be as confident with their Spanish or their English. The Gala has put on two plays in Spanish this season, The Aging of the Plum by Aristides Vargas and The Best Judge, The King by Lope de Vega. Their first English language play of the season will debut tomorrow, The True History of Coca-Cola in Mexico, a comedy which deals with a number of contemporary considerations including ethnic fetishism as it relates to varying forms of exploitation.

Seattle college students Aldo and Patrick head south of the border to film a documentary about ‘Yankee Imperialism’ in Mexico. The effect of Coca-Cola on traditional society will be the premise of their documentary and their vehicle for demonstrating exploitation. This exercise in theatrical reflexivity should be reason enough to go and check out the play. But a large part of the production addresses how individuals act as unknowing agents of an exploitive network, even when they believe that they are acting in ways that run counter to those patterns of exploitation. Using this relational dynamic as a foil for asinine behaviors is, of course, very ironic, and apparently, very funny.

The True History of Coca-Cola in Mexico by Aldo Velasco and Patrick Scott will run from April 2-April 26th at the Gala Hispanic Theatre in the restored Tivoli, in English with Spanish subtitles. -- Jonas Wolfe

Other Events


Sticky Fingers Bakery is saying thank you for voting them DC City Paper's best bakery and vegan restaurant with a free mini-cupcake until 5pm.


You wigged out with him last month, come shake your ass with DJ Haaps! 10pm - free, Wonderland


Washington Animal Rescue League Adoption Event from 12pm to 3pm, Wonderland

DJ Big Nick will be upstairs again. You know the drill. “What’s the time? …….its time to get ill.” Spinning all the old-school hip hop he grew up on in Mt. Pleasant. 9pm - free, Wonderland


Michael Jantz & Friends: The best part about this night is that the acoustics are low key for coming off the weekend and the surprise of who’s on the bill. Whether it’s the host, rockabilly, comedic singer songwriters, bluegrass, avant gauarde drummers or just a a little known musician passing through the city while on tour, it’s a chill spot before you call it an early night. 8pm - free, Wonderland -- Giggles

Got any upcoming weekend events? let us know: newcolumbiaheights(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. This is a great addition; I'll be checking back in every week to see what's up! Thanks Andrew!

  2. Great writing, I loved reading this.


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