Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recommended: Nori

Last night I went to Nori, and it was very good. I got the jop chae, which is Korean stir-fried clear noodles with vegetables and beef (you can also get chicken or veggies). It was great, well cooked noodles and good, fresh ingredients. The miso soup hit the spot and a meal for two came out to about $30. On a previous visit I got Bangkok peanut noodles with chicken, which was sweet with a nice building spiciness, and the clams appetizer (or maybe mussels, I forget) was tasty too.

I recommend it if you haven't been - it may not be the best Asian place in the city, and the sushi is average, but the entrees are good and it's close and pretty cheap.

Nori is in the Tivoli building at 14th and Park.


  1. Update on Sake Club? Anyone?

  2. I haven't heard anything. I'll poke around.

  3. Nori has the worst service in town. I've been and it's just god awful - one time we sat, waited for about 15 minutes, nobody came by, we left - nobody even noticed.

    That place will close by summer. It's always 2/3 empty.

  4. I saw that on Yelp too, but I haven't experienced that. Both times they were quick and helpful. The only mixup is that one time they brought an extra beer we didn't ask for.

  5. I've had terrible service there too! For take out of all things! Waited like 10 min to even place the order and during that time I saw like three things get sent back. Oh and they screwed up the order too :(

  6. I'm worried about development in the neighborhood. Both the Mediterranean restaurant (Royal Med, or something like that) and the Caribbean restaurant (Zinnia) have pulled out, and Sake Club is obviously not ever going to open (the "coming soon" sign has hung in the window for more than a year but it's obviously not happening). Could someone find out what's going?


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