Thursday, March 5, 2009

Metro online chat Friday, more petition comments

Thanks to a reader for passing this on, Metro general manager John Catoe is having an online chat Friday at noon, send him some questions ahead of time about NextBus!

And have you signed the NextBus petition? It's already got over 100 people. Here are some more good comments:

--I use the bus sometimes, but with such a system back in place i'd use it so much more often!

--For too long we have stood, shivering in the cold and sweltering in the humidity, staring down the road. We stare, willing and praying, hoping and wishing the bus, our bus, to appear into view. We long for buses that run on schedule and properly spaced. Until that time when buses are dependable, we might as well know how long we're going to be waiting. Shivering, sweating, longing, waiting for our bus. (Ed. note - literary!)

--I like taking the bus, but knowing how long I have to wait would help me be a more-efficient traveler so I could know whether I should walk, take the bus, or take the Metro. Thanks.

--Long overdue and sorely needed! Help make DC's transit systems among the best in the nation!

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