Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meridian Pint to open by Fall

The folks over at DCmud have an interview with John Andrade, owner of the upcoming Meridian Pint at 11th and Park (and Asylum in Adams Morgan). The Pint will be a Belgian beer focused restaurant and bar -- sounds good to me. Andrade says they plan to be open by Fall. The picture looks interesting too - the second floor will house offices for development/architecture company 3dg, which is building Meridian Pint, and for a travel agency.

Personally I'm looking forward to this spot a lot - Wonderland and Commonwealth are frequently crowded and other Belgian joints are a bit far away, other than the Saloon on U Street. Surprisingly, I've heard less complaints about this place than about the wine bar at 11th and Lamont.

Image from DCmud


  1. That's because wine bars attract the worst sort of drunks.

  2. The wine bar is proposed to have more outdoor seating than indoor seating, with something like room for 45 outside. Whether they are drinking wine or water, they will be loud, loiter, take up the few street parking spaces around for residents, and leave some trash. There are already a number of bars on 11th street that serve wine, beer and liquor. One more is not needed, will not serve the majority of the community, and will decrease property values of homes in the immediate area. T

  3. I see your points, but I disagree. Bars are like restaurants, they're all different. Sometimes I'm in a Pete's Apizza mood, sometimes Pollo Campero, sometimes CommonWealth. Same with bars -- sometimes you want to go to one kind, other times another kind. To me, bars are not zero sum.

    I also don't think the wine bar will be noisy. It's a wine bar, not a frat party. And like Wonderland, there could always be some rule like no people outside past a certain point.

  4. The clinking of wine glasses will be unbearable. Will someone please think of the children!!!!

    Anonymous is clearly DCDireWolf, btw.

  5. Seriously, should all restaurants, bars, stores, etc. serve the majority of the community? No. Businesses have specific markets and demographics to whom they cater. This is merely another sign that the neighborhood is changing.

    And do you really think that this will decrease nearby property values? Really?

    My friend, you are blinded by your own ignorance.

  6. i just hope the food is good

  7. the wine bar will bring a hint of class to the block dominated by wonderland. i think both are good for the far better then vacant lots and run down abandoned houses.

    im looking forward to it esp since i am a fan of wine.

    those who think it will be noisy obviously do not understand wine bars or wine culture. maybe you should visit one and you will see what it is trully like.

  8. What is that super ugly black wall that just pops up out of nowhere? Damn, how embarrassing that an architecture firm designed their own office to be ugly.


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