Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lots of great comments on the NextBus petition

Here are some good ones. Have you signed yet?

--Yes, I'm that woman sprinting for the bus as it peels away from my Mass Ave. stop--three minutes early. And yes, it would make a huge positive difference in my life to know how long I have until the next bus arrives. At least I could keep my gym shoes in my bag until after work.

--This is such a great service and would increase ridership!

--I am tired of waiting upwards of 20-30 minutes for a bus only to see them bunched together. Let's get some accountability for WMATA and some convenience for customers.

--Nextbus was not 100% accurate when we had it but then what is? I am willing to accept something that is not perfect instead of waiting another year for perfection.


  1. I recommend everyone who used nextBus check out http://www.wmata.com/mobile/nextdeparture/index.cfm

    This isn't a perfect solution as it relies on schedules rather than the actual bus movements. But, the times I've used it, it's rarely off by more than a few minutes.

  2. echowhiskey: wow, that's pretty interesting. if you don't select a bus route, it'll give you the next arrivals for every line within a half-mile of your location.

  3. Except, as commented above, if you base it on the schedule, you could wait for up to 45 minutes waiting for a bus that's suppose to run every 10. Then, after 45 minutes, 4 buses arrive all at once. Using actual location will at least shed light on the huge problem that WMATA has with keeping their buses on time.

  4. Thanks for starting this petition. Nextbus was such a valuable tool in bus frustration management!

  5. Anon, you're welcome! Tell your friends!

  6. Andrew, can't you get Sommer to mention this on DCist?


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