Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drinking beer in the neighborhood?

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I just heard about a new feature from the City Paper's Beerspotter column - a Twitter account you can message if you see a good deal or unusual beer, and they'll post it. Pretty neat deal - maybe see something cool at D'vines, CommonWealth, or Red Derby? Let folks know.

Here's more on the Beerspotter Twitter account - basically, just follow beerspotter on Twitter and send them a direct message with "info on the name of the beer, price, location, and maybe something pithy," and it will automatically post.

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banjiboarder said...

Seems like a good idea but I can see it quickly becoming a place where bars post their drinks on tap / specials and clutter up the feed, hiding the actual good deals on beer in the neighborhood submitted by users. Actually it kind of seems like that might already be happening...