Thursday, March 19, 2009

A better 14th Street bus!

Looks like people taking the 14th Street bus might have a quicker option, thankfully. The 14th Street buses (52, 53, 53) now stop on literally every block, which I've complained about before - it can take 45 minutes to go 2 miles.

Councilman Jim Graham and others have been pusing for a new Circulator bus line to go from Woodley Park to Columbia Heights, then down 14th to K Street, with only 7 stops in each direction - 14th and Irving/Columbia for us CHers (see map). That means it's an express bus, and hopefully would be very quick.

DCist has more, including the photo below of a bus doing training on 14th Street, as does Greater Greater Washington, and they expect the line to start up towards the end of this month or early April. Great news! And DCist notes they'll be launching a new Circulator website around the same time the line starts, with updated scheduling information. Here's the current site.

Map from Jim Graham. Photo by fritzheier

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