Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The ANSWER posters are gone?!

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This is kind of shocking - the posters for the ANSWER Coalition's March on the Pentagon, which were all over the neighborhood a few weeks ago, are gone.

Their event happened last weekend, and considering they usually keep their posters up indefinitely after their events, I'm pretty stunned. Either ANSWER got the message that people are tired of seeing their crap everywhere, or neighbors just took everything down. Either way, I'm in favor.

I did see a few little yellow ANSWER stickers, but most had been peeled off.


  1. I realized this last week as well. But it turns out, the march was March 21, so they may have taken them down themselves. Link:

  2. nice job ANSWER!!!

  3. I noticed a DC gov't worker (he was driving a DC utility truck) taking one down at the corner of 16th and Harvard the other day. For whatever that's worth...

  4. ANSWER has been trashing DC neighborhoods for years, and ignoring the $1000s in fines levied against them. It's time DC moved on to criminal prosecution of this group, they're no different than the grafitti vandals that deface public property.

  5. Great! Regardless of how you feel on the issue, those posters get to be an eyesore in Washington DC.


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