Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vandalism, theft from auto lately on Holmead and Perry

A reader writes in noting that he's noticed a lot of car break-ins and car window smashing lately on Holmead Place and Perry Place. He says he was a victim as well, and suggests that people be extra vigilant: "I myself was victimized on Perry Friday night and this morning several vehicles on Holmead had been broken into/vandalized (window smashing)."

Also, make sure you call the police if you notice this, as the more calls the police get to one area, the more they'll focus on that area.


  1. There is also an occasional pattern of hate-crime-style auto vandalism in the area. If you have a rainbow on your vehicle, you are apparently at higher risk of vandalism. The police department's gay/lesbian task force is aware. -- Elaine

  2. Hm, thanks for the info. That is worrisome.

  3. My vehicle was stolen from Monroe Street sometime between Thursday and Saturday, and recovered by MPD during a DWI arrest on Sunday.

    I had an HRC sticker on my back window.

    I'm still fighting with MPD to get a police report on it, as I didn't report it stolen until Tuesday since I was away all weekend.

  4. Break-ins also sometimes happen in the alley between 13th and Holmeade. Happened to my car a few months ago.

  5. My car was broken into last night on the corner of 13th and Monroe, in front of the church no less! Nothing was taken (nothing was in the car to take) but I spent half my day dealing with the police, getting my car jumped and finally getting a new window.

  6. It seems like they come out between 11 and 12 midnight. I've called the cops on them several times and they're very responsive.


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