Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tivoli North?

I found this post on Urban Turf, which links to the Prince of Petworth original - apparently there are some discussions to rename the area north of the Tivoli theater "Tivoli North." Really? Is that necessary? It's Columbia Heights. Most of the PoP comments say something similar to "I consider that part of Columbia Heights. Why the need to differentiate?"

Why indeed? The PoP post doesn't say who is having these discussions, but when I emailed him, he said it wouldn't be an official city designation. Maybe it's a neighborhood association or realtors who are afraid of some stigma attached to Columbia Heights. Or maybe there's a new blogger coming to the block, who knows.

D.C. is a weird beast when it comes to neighborhood names. Some potentially useful ones like Pleasant Plains get discarded, while others like NoMa get invented, even when there already was a name for that area (Swampoodle, which I'd say is much better).

I for one don't see the need for this neighborhood irredentism. It's got a name already, why divide it up into smaller and smaller chunks? What's next? "Where do you live?" "I live in Kenyon Street Heights. I live in Wonderland Park. I live in El Rinconcito II Highlands."


  1. Quick, somebody register princeoftivoli.com

  2. amen. it's interesting how he's still being kind of coy about all of this. is he consulting with a BID-type group? what's the true story? the whole thing is kind of a waste, if you ask me.

  3. I agree lets bring back the swampoodle (my family immigrated there during the potato famine) ...how did tivoli north get its name? a blogger invented it...


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