Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mustache-a-thon for local charity

This is short notice (my fault) but it's cool!

Capitol Letters, a new non-profit I've written about before that will teach kids creative writing and is doing an anthology at Cardozo High School is holding a mustache-a-thon: folks grow mustaches while raising money for the charity. They can get pledges, or have friends donate, or whatever. Here's the flier, and more info:
Stache It In March
Do you:
a) Believe in free writing programs for children in DC?
b) Wish you had a reason to grow a Fu Manchu?
c) Have a man crush on Chester A. Arthur, Tom Selleck or Rollie Fingers?

If so, you have a place with the Capitol Letters Mustache-a-Thon. You can help us raise money in the month of March by trying to put your facial follicles to good use. Participants will get a free, clean shave and chart their hair-progress at our weekly happy hours.

How it Works
The Mustache-a-Thon runs from February 28 to March 31. You and your fellow group of fearless men will gather financial support from family, friends, co-workers and 'stache fans all to benefit the free programming of Capitol Letters Writing Center. They can sponsor you for the month, the week, or in one big lump sum (We are partial to big sums of money). We challenge each of you to raise $137.23.
Ladies, we haven't forgotten about you. We will have weekly challenges for our prosthetic moustache harvesters. We also challenge you to raise $137.23.

Follicle famers will weigh-in each week at Asylum (2471 18th St. NW) and win stache prizes. You will also be able to track and post your progress on our blog:

Never fear! We won't send you out on the streets with only the budding hair on your upper lip. You'll be armed with: donation sheets; postcards about Capitol Letters and the Mustache-a-Thon; answers to FAQs; and a brightly colored button that boldly states, "Ask me about my mustache."

How to Become a Follicle Farmer
If you would like to stache it, let us know by February 18:

Do it for the kids. Seriously.


  1. Great concept! It's kind of like Movemember, which raises funds for prostate cancer.

  2. Fun idea, already being done:


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