Monday, February 9, 2009

MPD taking a survey in the hood

Today on the way to the bus stop, an MPD officer stopped me and asked if she could ask some questions. Thankfully it wasn't related to some crime -- she was conducting a survey on MPD's activities in the neighborhood, and asked me where I lived (which happened to be in her beat), how visible I thought MPD was, how they had done at preventing crime, and how I thought they were doing overall. I answered "sort of visible," "could be better" and "pretty good."

Good to see them out on the street asking people in the neighborhood their opinions. Anyone else get surveyed?


  1. Umm, do you really think they're getting accurate feedback? If the MPD officer who patrols my block and knows my address is asking me a question on what I thought of his/her performance that will somehow get reported to his/her superiors or used in some sort of report do you think someone is really going to be critical of their performance? "Hi, my name is Jeff Smith and I live at 1234 Columbia Rd and I think you are doing a terrible job Mr. MPD Officer." Next day, my car is mysteriously towed for having too many "unpaid" parking tickets. Get real dude....

  2. Seriously? You really think you're going to get your car towed because you said they could improve? Why would they be asking, other than to get a fair assessment? I'm guessing they're doing it all over town to see which neighborhoods are complaining the most.

  3. Or some other form of retribution, yes. Seriously.

  4. Why? Did you have some kind of negative experience?


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