Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More on the new curry place

The other day I noticed some flyers on lamp posts for the new curry place opening on Georgia Ave, which I wrote about briefly before.

The place is called Hadiyah's Cafe, and will be serving various curries (the flyer noted chicken) and other Middle Eastern type dishes. It's only been open a few days, and my buddy walked by on Monday and said it closes early, around 7 pm -- that could just be a trial run or something though.

Anybody tried it? I want to head by there soon, and also hit Morgan's Seafood, which I've heard good things about.


  1. It's terrible. Well, my husband says that is too strong, but compared to what I wanted/ expected: terrible. The curry chicken dinner is expensive ($10.99 or so) and GREASY. Comes with rice (bland) and cabbage (overcooked and flavorless). And the curry lacked depth... intrigue... flavor. Also a fried fish dinner ($11.99 or so) with two sides: a potato salad from SFW deli (my guess), and green beans from a can (my guess). They were lovely people and I wanted to love the place, but I will never go back. In these tough $ times, spending $25 on a disappointing dinner put me in a very bad mood.

  2. Mohammed and Hadiyah are the new "Kids" on the block or Community of Columbia Heights. Hadiyah had alway wanted to own her own Food establishment. Her dream can true on Monday Feb. 9, 2009. Her establishement is exquist and also an eye catcher. The atmosphere is warm and homey. Her interior is spectacular and soft on the eys.You would not want to leave. The Love and respect that they both have for each other reflects in hadiyah cooking. You will leave there with a smile on your face and your stomach satisfied. With all my Love your sis-in-law
    Claudia and Family

  3. My wife and I stopped in the other day we loved the place! I had the BBQ chicken. It was sooo good. It was a homemade sauce. I also liked the mac & cheese.


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