Thursday, February 5, 2009

Marc Fisher on the injured man on the street

Marc Fisher writes an article about the case of the injured man on the sidewalk who pedestrians walked by. According to Fisher, 166 people walked by, no one called 911, and the man later died. I understand some of the explanations (maybe he was just drunk, and people are worried about police asking about immigration status) but still, it's crazy. Fisher also notes that the police have sometimes chastised shopkeepers who call for wasting their time, which is ridiculous.

It's an interesting column and worth a read, and it speaks to other issues - vagrancy in the area, police attitudes, etc etc.

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  1. Marc Fisher could have come to our neighborhood and take a look for himself. You can't make a conclusion based on an still camera, what about the areas around? What if people called after passing by the victims body?


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