Monday, February 2, 2009

House auction update

Looks the auction of abandoned houses I mentioned earlier went well - there's a lot of articles about the houses getting rented and the city making $5 million on it.

The Post reports that 304 13th Street NW went for over $200,000, but there is no 304 13th Street NW - I think this is supposed to be 3004 13th Street NW, which is pictured here. Glad to see that house got sold, and I hope it gets fixed up soon.

Apparently Mayor Fenty and the city's director of the Department of Housing and Community Development made an announcement on Thursday in front of the same house - I'm sad I missed him. Here's what he said:
"These are neighborhood nuisances and they've been the site of numerous problems. What councilmember, what citizen activist, what great media person hasn't heard the tales of nuisance properties like one behind me [at 3004 13th Street, NW] causing problems with everything from rodent infestation to plain old visual blight?"


  1. I was at the auction. 3004 13th St NW was the very first one auctioned, so it's kind of sad that the Post's reporter already had his notes all screwed up. It went for $380k, plus a $19k transaction fee. The winner was a professional developer -- I left early, but he bid on every single lot during the time I was there.

  2. Thanks for the info. Sounds like it was tough for regular folks to get anything good.


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