Sunday, February 22, 2009

Answer posters are everywhere

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Looks like the folks at the Answer Coalition are back to postering - I've seen these all over the neighborhood, on light posts, utility boxes, etc etc. Kind of annoying to see them everywhere, especially when the city has to spend money to get them removed and the posters stay up for months after the event.

In fact, Answer was threatened with fines of thousands of dollars last year and some members were arrested for postering. Whether or not you agree with the march's goal (which, according to the sign is "Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine"), I don't appreciate the neighborhood being covered in posters.


  1. oh please, can we maybe wheat-paste the answer people to a pole, and then throw eggs at them and taunt them with an israeli flag or something until they break down and cry or just give up the ghost?

    don't they realize that when they try to protest everything at once, instead of trying to focus on one thing, they just dilute the efficacy of anything and everything they say.

    that said, the public has moved on. sorry kiddies, them's the breaks.

  2. I completely agree with Andrew and IMGoph. I'm against the Iraq war, but am somewhat supportive of the other two wars (saying that feels kind of wrong). But the cause is definitely too broad. They'll be branded as idealistic hippies. The posters are ugly too.

  3. Ditto the above two comments, plus with Obama and the Democrats in charge now, the tone is so different than during the Bush administration. I predict turnout will be extremely low. How about protesting something useful/realistic, like making healthcare more affordable, or building the Purple LIne?


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