Monday, January 12, 2009

Self checkout lanes at Giant

I hadn't been to Giant in awhile (I avoid it like the plague) but I was in on Saturday and noticed they have self checkout lanes now. Hopefully that will speed things the lines up a bit - anyone notice any improvement?


  1. They are a huge improvement. I hadn't been going there for a while, opting to spend the premium at harris teeter to avoid the long lines. The only problem with the lines is that they are limited to 12 items or less (unlike at Harris Teeter), so that you cannot utilize them for a full shop.

    They do have fairly good customer support, with a dedicated person to check ID (for alcohol sales) or clear out any hang-ups with the machines.

  2. The guy who is usually in charge of the self-checkouts is brisk and efficient, which is nice because people are dumb most of the time and don't pay attention to where the line starts or that there is one line for all 4.

    In general though, the lines at Giant are still out of control. It is a teeny tiny bit better, but really it's still the worst Giant I have ever been to.

  3. i can't help but be annoyed by these machines because they're replacing jobs that people kinda maybe sort of need.

    maybe they create other jobs and thats a good thing?

    i personally avoid them. my own little protest.

  4. i love these, mostly because most people hate using them so the lines there are often disproportionately short. I wasn't aware of the 12 item limit, and must admit I've been in gross violation before, so I'll have to watch myself from now on.

    And I'm pretty sure that they were installed in addition to the checkout people who were there already, so I wouldn't worry about the jobs issue. Then again, if you really feel guilty, you should probably stop using your computer and hire a typist, because that used to be a job too.

  5. It's nice because they are self-selecting -- the people who hold up the manned checkout lines wouldn't tend to use self checkout. I've used them exclusively since they were installed except for yesterday. As an experiment I got in a one person long express line when the self line was 3 people long. As that one person in front of me fumbled with their credit card, phone number, etc..., the last person in the self line was out long before I even got to the register.

    Also, I second that the customer support at the self is great.

  6. I love them. I use them all the time now. The lines are shorter, the assistant is helpful and alert, and I'm out the door much more quickly.

    I think Giant's long lines are an indication that this part of DC is still underserved in the grocery market. Every store and supermarket I go into, whether Giant, Safeway, or the little stores around, have long lines. Then again, we are all hitting the stores at the same time - e.g., after 5 pm.

  7. A lot of people ask about it taking jobs away. Since we got them where I am working we have hired at least seven or more new cashiers. If the store is busy enough you of course still need to hire people. A customer once said "your lying they tell you to say that". Well just so you know no they dont I have observed that myself.


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