Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New curry place opening on Georgia Ave

A new curry joint is coming to 3118 Georgia Ave NW, just south of Kenyon.

My friend walked by there yesterday and spoke with the proprietor, who said they'd be opening in a week. It used to be a place called Delta Food which sold fish, bbq, pupusas, chicken and such. I don't have the name yet or much other info, but pretty cool! Hope to have more info soon.


  1. Does anyone know what's up with Sake Club? The "coming soon" sign has hung in their window on Irving Street for almost a year now, but there is no sign of progress inside. Same with the other restaurant (Zinnia or something like that -- Caribbean food, I think).

  2. Good point, I'll look into it. Anybody else have any info?

  3. Oh dang, this is right by my house. Great news!

  4. EXCELLENT! I mean anything that futher diversifies the offering around here/on Georgia Ave. is great. Hope its decent and that they KEEP it decent over time.

  5. Hey, which side of the street is this curry place? Is this "HADIYAH" next door to the dentist's and beneath Tah-Dah Dance Studio?


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