Monday, January 26, 2009

New coffee and tea shop: Coco Libre

New place?
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I just saw this place the other day, and my friend Rory paid it a visit. Here's his brief take on it:

By Rory Nealon

Hate Starbucks? The employees at Sticky Fingers get on your nerves? Columbia Heights Coffee getting too crowded? Then I would recommend checking out Coco Libre on Sherman Avenue. This newly opened fair trade coffee house hits the spot.

I'm not big on coffee so instead I tried one of their teas. I opted for the chamomile, and my girlfriend the Moroccan mint. Both were great, but they weren't the highlight: the young family that owned the place were. The lady who served us explained the nuances of our choices and had an interesting conversation about her advertising ideas for the place.

They also have inexpensive sandwiches, about $2.99.

Coco Libre is at 786 Harvard Street NW, at Sherman Ave. Here's their Yelp page.


  1. Doh - nevermind. I see "Free Wifi" in the photo.

    But what about seating? Is it the sort of place where I can plop down with my laptop and spend three hours writing?

  2. How big is the place? And does it seem like a good place to have study groups?

  3. My other buddy says there is wireless and seating, a few 4 person tables and a few window seats. Can probably seat about 8-10 people.

  4. they even have a mini old school tv with a wire coat hanger for an antenna at one of the seats

  5. Anonymous, haha, that's hilarious and DEAR GOD, SANTA and all the all to real imaginary creatures - please let it stay that way! No TV needed in a cafe.

  6. what kind of sandwich selection do they have? premade things or do they make them there?

  7. My other buddy says they make them there - turkey, ham, pastrami etc on a variety of different breads. "Tasty" says he.

  8. MMM.. good panini. Check out the shop's own website for more of a menu! Hot chocolate is great! It's also nice and sunny in there. see here (

  9. I checked it out a while back when it first opened with some friends. They definitely had Wi-Fi and good seating--you could hang out there for a while.

    It might have just been that they were new and didn't know how to use the machines yet, but I was pretty disappointed with my latte--tasted watery and too sweet, like they didn't use enough espresso or didn't get a good shot.

    In any case--give it a try. They are really nice people.


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