Monday, January 12, 2009

Map of bars staying open late for Inauguration!

Just found this (via DCist via Capital Spice): it's a Google Map of the places that will be staying open late for Inauguration Weekend - the ones with 4 am last calls that can serve food 24 hours a day. Of course, this just means they're able to, not that they will necessarily. It looks like only Rumberos (which I had a terrible experience at) will be open in the neighborhood, but that U Street is the place to go.

The map might not be perfect, as I asked at the Big Hunt yesterday and the waitress said they would be open late, and there are also about 70 places whose applications to serve late are still pending - they have to get permission from their neighborhood's ANC, because they're under "voluntary agreements" where they aren't allowed to be open past a certain time. I think Wonderland might be under one of these - I'll do a post soon about which local spots will be open late.


  1. Bad experience at Rumbero's? I have only been there to dine, but it is one of my favorite restaurants in all of DC. The food is absolutely delicious.

  2. oh please, Rumbero's is awful! What is with the mix and match decor anyway?
    I have never had a consistent meal at Rumbero's and the service is even less predictable. I have never felt so uncomfortable in a restaurant, as the third time I gave them another shot and everything was so slow and painstaking. Nearly 3 hours i will never get back.


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