Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kenyon Street cleanup this Monday!

As part of Barack Obama's Day of Service on Martin Luther King Day, there's a Kenyon Street clean-up from 10 am to noon on the 19th. The group will meet at 650 Kenyon Street NW and make their way west to 14th, and if there's a big crowd, expand to other streets too.

So sign up, and dress warmly! The cleaner-uppers are meeting at Wonderland after they're done.

And if you want to do more (or don't want to clean up streets but still want to help) there's a ton of other events too.


  1. Squidpants,

    This day of service, believe it or not, was not an obama creation but an act of congress in 1994...the year newt and the republican revolution swept into office.

  2. Ok, thanks. This is the first I've heard of it, though.

  3. This is so wonderful. Finally, some grassroot action I can believe in. Oh, I'm so there. I don't care if it's cold, I want to get out there and clean the streets. But do nothing about the juvenile crime problem...

    white hiptards feel like they can make a difference when they really can't


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