Friday, January 30, 2009

Crime happenings

There's some good crime news and bad crime news lately:

Police have charged a man with two fatal shootings in Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan. Obviously the shootings are terrible, but at least police got their man.

The sadder news is the fact that passersby ignored a man on the sidewalk who had been beaten. The article says there were no visible injuries, so maybe people just thought he was drunk or high, but you'd think somebody would at least dial 911. I've called 911 for people who seemed to have passed out drunk before. If you see someone injured, do the humane thing and call the police. This is not the kind of thing I like to write about in the neighborhood.

Other things to watch out for is young vandals around 13th and Kenyon. A Columbia Heights Yahoo group member notes he saw three kids, maybe 8-12 years old, throwing snowballs and ice at houses, and he confronted them. Later the garoyles in his front lawn were stolen. Apparently the poster has seen them doing other mischief before. Keep your eyes open!


  1. I think a little bit of context needs to be added to this. I live a block away, and have (more than once, unfortunately) had to call 911 about someone seemingly seriously injured. More than once that did not go over well. Many of the homeless in the area have expired/questionable immigrant status, and many are just not a fan of the police/emts. I actually had a woman come out of her house and try and keep the emts away from a guy once because she said "the police may kill him." They guy, by the way, was bleeding from the head and was unconscious on the sidewalk until I woke him.

    I'm not saying that I wouldn't have called 911, or that it wasn't the right thing to do, but it doesn't surprise me that people in the area were hesitant to call the police. The comments in the news article were less then friendly, but I suspect mostly came from people who don't live in such neighborhoods.

  2. Was it day or night? If I saw a homeless man lying still on the sidewalk at night, I'd guess he'd just found himself a bed.


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