Thursday, January 22, 2009

Art + Media House has classes for youth

The Art+Media House, the Columbia Heights organization that got a group of kids together to paint the mural on Kenyon Street, has a bunch of cool-sounding classes for youth open for registration until tomorrow. Let them know about them:
Fine Arts Classes
Urban Art: Create art that speaks to how YOU feel about the world. Includes drawing, painting, and elements of 3-dimensional design.
Graffiti: Put style and power in your words. Turn your doodles into art. Learn the art and business of graffiti.
Stencil Art: Use this cool printmaking technique to turn your designs into posters, t-shirts, and more!
Mural: You will design and create a mural using a mosaic technique in Columbia Heights.
Portfolio Development: Want to go to art school? We mentor you to complete a visual arts portfolio. Create slides/CD of your work.

Immediate Reaction – The Media Classes

Internet Journalism: You have something to say + We have a new way to say it. Audio, digital photography, video, blogging.
Live Radio: Your voice. Your personality. Your ideas. Your music. Create your own Internet-based radio show.
Photography: Learn to really control a camera to create cool photographs. You’ll master the darkroom and the digital domain.

BeatHeadz – The Music Classes
Music Studio: Whether you already rap or sing—or you’re interested in learning how—work with our MC's and singers to record your songs in our studio. It's a great way to begin your career as a music artist.
Beat-Making: Learn to make the music you like—Hip Hop, Reggaeton, R&B, etc., it's your choice when using our professional digital music software and equipment. Experiment with turntables, live instruments, recording and more... And if you’re experienced in beats - advance your knowledge with AMH music producers.
Percussion: Salsa, Go-Go, Merengue, Bachata, Rock … all have their roots in percussion. Learn to play afro-latin drums, Congas and Bongos.

Youth registration fee is $15 – Registration covers any classes and supplies for youth age 11-18.
(Community Service Hours Available)

Their websites are and

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