Thursday, December 11, 2008

Royal Blue to open in "next couple of months"?

I just got a tip from a new City Paper blog, Housing Complex, which has a post on Royal Blue, the Mediterranean restaurant on the east side of 14th Street near Starbucks. The joint which has been in the works for awhile, but there's finally some news.

City Paper writer Ruth Samuelson spoke to the space's owner:
"I guess they had some issues with their build out. But I’ve been in there recently and talked to the construction guys and they’re very, very far along," he says . "I would be shocked if it wasn't ready in terms of the build-out to be opened in the next couple of months."
I like food, so I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Thanks for the update! We've been wondering when this place (and the others scattered around 14th in Columbia Heights) would finally be opening- glad to know it'll be soon!

  2. I have a Pavlovian complex every time I walk by. Hopefully they are open soon because I am so excited for some yummy Mediterranean food!


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