Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Drink and eat late at night during Inauguration Weekend

The Post reports on what may be the awesomest news ever, that bars and restaurants in DC will be open 24 hours for Inauguration Weekend from January 17th to 20th. Last call will be 5 am (it's usually around 2 am) and you can buy food all night at the bars. Sounds pretty great to me -- I will definitely take advantage of it at Wonderland, the Red Derby, etc.

Some folks might not like it (like those who live around Wonderland) but I'm guessing the bar owners will keep the crowds as quiet as they can. Of course, people already aren't allowed to go out onto the patio after midnight at Wonderland.


  1. this is the best thing dc government has done in years! I plan to be out all nights to celebrate this good news.

  2. I live just a few houses away from Wonderland and I have never had any problems from noise, even after 2 when they close. The staff there does a great job keeping people relatively quiet and the patrons are good about respecting the neighborhood.

    Now Adams Morgan? That's a place I don't want to be during inauguration week!!


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