Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Be watchful of your cars!

Just wanted to remind folks to watch out for their cars - this weekend my friend was visiting and her convertible's soft top was cut into. A few things were stolen, though it could have been worse, but it's still a pretty bad thing to happen. Some things to remember might be to move your car every few hours, even if you don't have to do, or park it within view of your house, if possible.


  1. My soft top was cut into last weekend; I was parked on 13th btw Harvard and Columbia. If only they had just broken a window...

    - Derek

  2. That might have been the same person, her car was on 13th between Girard and Harvard.

    But I agree about the top, that stinks.

  3. biggest thing is to leave absolutely nothing in the car to suggest there is anything of value. My neighbor has had his car broken into 3 times. The last time he left the holder for his nav system in the car.

    I have been lucky (knocks on wood).

  4. Andrew, did you find your car about 9:30am on Monday? I think I was walking by, black VW?

    I've seen a few busted windows on my walk to work, but closer to U street.

  5. Just another reason why you should leave DC now. Next time they might bash your face in.

  6. Yes, one crime happened, flee the city. Good idea.

  7. There is no crime in the suburbs. Just ask MS-13.

    By the way, if you keep your car empty, nobody will break into it.


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