Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anybody see a stolen Honda?

Saw this on the Adams Morgan listserve, keep your eyes peeled!
Stolen Vehicle

My vehicle was stolen sometime last night (Monday) between 9 pm and 12 am. It was parked at Monroe NW close to 14th Street. Nothing particularly valuable was inside and we do not have comprehensive insurance. If you happen to see a 2000 Silver Honda, 2 door, license plate CT 6166 with DC plates around please call the police.



  1. My stolen 1997 Honda Accord ended up in West Baltimore. Someone did end up in jail though. I would recommend checking frequently for parking tickets.

  2. My car (a red jeep) also got stolen from around that area, it was parked in the alley parallel to 13th at the intersection with Monroe. They recovered the vehicle and arrested three boys who were charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. A lot of damage, but at least it was recovered!

  3. Glad to hear your cars were recovered!


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