Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Robbery suspect back on the street

Way to go! Apparently the robbery suspect from the email drive was freed again. Oops! DC Attorney General Peter Nickles (or is it Nickels?) tells the City Paper that it was the US Marshalls' fault this time. Awesome. A U.S. attorney's office spokesperson said they weren't going to charge the kid anyway, but that DC's attorney general's office could have pursued it, and he shouldn't have been released. Apparently the kid had just turned 18 and had been ruled mentally retarded previously.

Nickles also told Loose Lips that he wasn't as angry at the email flood he received: "'Some were generated where the same words were used,' he says, but 'many were personal, from persons who had been robbed, persons who had been mugged.'" Thanks, Pete.

The Post has a piece on it also.

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