Monday, November 24, 2008

Police go online for Columbia Heights robber

I first saw this on MPD's Third District Substation listserve, they've arrested the same teenage suspect three times for a string of 21 robberies, only to have him released and commit more robberies. Inspector Edward Delgado posted the message to the listserve, asking constituents to write DC Attorney General Peter Nickels and demand that the suspect not be released again. He hasn't, but the Post reports that Nickels wasn't happy about it and wasn't reading the emails.

Apparently the suspect had been coming up behind people, knocking them over, and taking whatever he could. According to Delgado, the suspect was a juvenile and was arrested the first time after committing 6 robberies. He was then "released from jail because he was found to be incompetent to stand trial." After that he committed 6 more and was placed in a halfway house, which he ran away from, and committed more.

Pretty interesting story, and I hope that this solves this particular problem.

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