Monday, November 3, 2008

NCH election endorsements

I try not to be political, but there are a lot of local elections up on Tuesday. Here's my picks.

At Large DC Council - you can vote for two, and I endorse Kwame Brown and Patrick Mara. Kwame has been a councilmember for a few years now and has a done a good job - he's responsive, accessible, and logical. Patrick Mara is a newcomer, but I prefer him over the other two frontrunners, Carol Schwartz (write-in) and Michael Brown. Schwartz has fought against the mayor's school reform, which is why she lost the Republican primary to Mara. And Michael Brown is endorsed by Marion Barry, which is reason enough for me not to support him.

Shadow Senator - The shadow positions serve to advocate for DC voting rights. Paul Strauss recently got arrested for a DUI, but I think he'll continue to do a good job. He's been shadow senator for 12 years and knows how to make a fuss.

Shadow Rep - Mike Panetta is also great at making a fuss and getting press coverage for DC voting rights. He's gotten a lot of coverage recetly for creating the DC Olympic Team and other events.

Ward 1 State Education Board - Dotti Love Wade is a capable and dedicated Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and served as the ANC chair, so I'm supporting her.

ANC commission - this one is hard since there are so many. I recommend voting against the incumbent unless you know who they are. If you don't know who your commissioner is, then they're probably not doing a good job.

President - Barack Obama, not like it matters in DC. Obama supports a voting rep for DC, McCain does not. If you want to help Obama, do some phonebanking!

But whatever you do, go vote, and encourage your friends to do the same!

Here's the full voter guide from the city, and their website.

Image by farlane, used under Creative Commons


  1. I do wonder ... if you try not to be political on this blog, why are you doing so today? I am not even speaking to specific picks or the logic behind each of them. Respectfully I ask.

    Thank you for posting your rationale.

  2. Tomorrow is election day, and I feel like many people don't know much about the local races.

    I don't post about Obama or whatever political wheelings and dealings are going on very much otherwise.

  3. Andrew, I like your logic.
    As they say...All politics is
    local. Since DC is not a state,
    our vote is ceremonial, but I'll
    do it anyway.

  4. For those who seem to think your vote in the presidential election don't matter, DC does have 3 electoral votes. I got the impression from both Andrew's comments and Anon that they feel DC has no say in the presidential election. While 3 electoral votes isn't alot, we are at equal with six other states. DC is given the number of electoral votes equal to the least number held by a state. Currently there are six states with 3 electoral votes. Consider yourselves enlightened.

  5. Last anon, I said it doesn't matter because Obama will probably win DC with 90% of the vote or something absurd like that.

  6. I totally planned to vote for Michael Brown but thankfully I read this post! I didn't know he was endorsed by Marion Barry so I will be voting for someone else. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the endorsement. I'll continue to make a fuss until we get our due in Congress. Great blog, btw.


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