Thursday, October 16, 2008

What neighborhood is Columbia Heights like?

I saw this on DCist, it's a site called Homethinking that compares neighborhoods from one with neighborhood in another - for example, DC to NY, or LA to SF. It has a lot of cities, and it's generally fairly accurate - even with, say, Knoxville, Tennessee, though Philly is apparently messed up.

According to the site,
Neighborhoods scores are initially calculated using demographic data from the US Census and other public sources. Wide numbers of demographic factors, such as age, marital status, whether the household has kids or not and the frequency of arts and culture activities, among other variables, were compared. The scores are then refined over time by reviews from people just like you.
Could be, I'm not so sure about the DC vs Manhattan though - it says Columbia Heights is like the Financial District, which is preposterous, and Harlem and Yorkville, which seems a little more accurate. For DC vs SF, it says Columbia Heights is like the Mission, which is reasonable.

The cool thing is, you can edit the ratings, as I did for Columbia Heights vs Financial District.


  1. This is actually really cool. Granted I'm sure there are some discrepancies, but this would have made my move to DC a lot easier! I'll keep this in mind for my next destination. Where is Cincinnati?!

  2. Columbia Heights would be better suited for a comparison to a Brooklyn neighborhood than any part of Manhattan.

  3. I'd have to go with Harlem if sticking with Manhattan; they even have a DCUSA equivalent. There is a Columbia Heights Street in Brooklyn that's very nice.

  4. Good point. Harlem USA is the same company even. And I always get Columbia Heights Manhattan when I Google columbia heights. And Minnesota.

  5. Columbia Heights is like Northern Liberties in Philly: a former bombed-out drug zone now gentrifying with overpriced condos and hipster magnets, with the added bonus of big box retail.

  6. I travel to NYC frequently and would have to say that CH is most like the Lower East Side. Just like LES has grown out of the East Village, CH grew out of Adams. Also, the crime data matches up pretty well.

    On another note, how is Friendship Heights, DC like Chinatown, NYC. Wouldn't Chinatown be more like Chinatown?


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