Friday, October 10, 2008

This Saturday is yard sale day

A lot of folks are posting yard sales on the neighborhood listserve today. To wit:

--2702 13th Street (13th and Fairmont) from 9 am to 2 pm - clothes, furniture, books, music, and other "cool and inexpensive things and do-dads." And there will be an Xbox, either for sale or as a raffle.

--1354 Randolph St NW (14th and Randolph, which is technically Petworth) from 9 to 2 - furniture, kitchen items, fish tank, etc

--741 Fairmont Street NW (near Georgia) from 10 to 12 - furniture, craft supplies, household goods, etc

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Anonymous said...

Next time be sure to announce your yard sale at a free online garage sale and you can post your left-over valuable in your own online sale.

Good Luck