Monday, October 6, 2008

Shooting at the Boys and Girls Club

I usually don't like to report on crime incidents, but this one is too much not to report - apparently there was some kind of shooting at the Boys and Girls Club at 14th and Chapin Street NW.

It was about 10 pm on Friday night, and the details are a little sketchy - one report says it was a drive-by, while another says somebody did the shooting then got into a silver Jeep and drove away. Two 14-year old boys were shot, and the shooter then shot at a security guard in the Faircliffs complex. There may have been multiple people doing the shooting. The boys were shot in the leg and buttocks but appear to be ok.

To me, it seems like these kids were targeted - but that's just my impression. Pretty crazy story nonetheless.

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  1. Yeah its all over the 3D mailing list - along with earlier complaints of criminal activity outside the Boys and Girls clubs just last week.

    J. Grahm and Chief Lanier still have not 'weighed' in on the matter.


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