Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New sushi place is open

I walked by Nori yesterday, the new sushi spot where Mayorga used to be, and they were putting up signs and such. One of the waiters said they were open, so I poked around a little. It looks nice inside and they sure did it fast. I didn't eat there, but look for a review soon.

They're at 3301 14th Street NW, and here's their Yelp page.


  1. This "new" place was awful , I went in yesterday and saw THREE waitresses sleeping. What is this business? I said hello can I be served and they were dead asleep downstairs. Personally I like the waitresses before.There was no one to greet, no sushi chef and all the servers ASLEEP on opening week. Also the sushi menu is horrendous and pricey, their options are minimal. The Korean food is decent, but way too spicy. I like spicy but I also do not like to eat with pain. But I most say the place is nice, to bad the service sucks. This is not unfamiliar as it is still runned by the same people. Let me tell you, I do not think I will be there again.

  2. I'm pretty sure the same person is posting on all Mayorga related posts. Please give me specifics.

  3. It was probably nap time when you went, Eric, did you check the hours? They close for a few hours during the day like Siesta in Europe. Ive gone a few times now and its been fantastic. The staff is very friendly and warm and the sushi is so fresh and delicious. They were a bit on the slow side the first time I went and the second time took 5 minutes! Thats quite an improvement. Great place, I'll be going back!


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