Monday, October 20, 2008

Marxists in the hood

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I saw this sign the other day at 13th and Columbia (I think) - it's an ad for a candidate for at-large council. Unfortunately I can't see it since it's curved, but it says something about "racist gentrification" and lists as the website.

Turns out that's the Party for Socialist and Liberation, which Wikipedia says is a Marxist political party. Kind of interesting. Also interesting is that their vice presidential candidate, Eugene Puryear, is a student at Howard University (and is only 22 years old, which means he's ineligible.)

Kind of cool to see some different political advertising out there, though I don't agree with the sign.


Anonymous said...

This is at 13 and columbia. The sign reads "no to racist gentrification".

Big Yellow Forehead said...

Yeah, I see this one every day on Columbia in front of the Safeway on my way to and from work. "No To Racist Gentrification." I think they're barking up the wrong tree with a sign at that location...

Big Yellow Forehead said...

Oh, and isn't the kid running for VP? I'm lovin' your blog! Adding it to my blogroll :-)