Thursday, October 23, 2008

Belated Columbia Heights Day recap

One of the organizers reminded me the other day that I forgot to write about Columbia Heights Day - so here goes.

In all, I'd say it was a success and a good time. There were a few hundred people there when I came by about 2 pm, and there was a good amount of stuff - cupcake eating contest, petting zoo (with camel!), a bouncy castle for kids, and various booths for non-profits, politicians, and a few craft types. We hit everything in about half an hour, then went over to Wonderland to take advantage of the drink specials (it was also Oktoberfest at Wonderland, so my pals got German liederhosen bib things). I enjoyed it.

I do have some criticisms and suggestions though - for one, there wasn't much food. There was a Taqueria Distrito Federal booth in the back, but it was out of food when I was there. One of the organizers, Jeff Stein, told me they had another vendor pull out at the last minute, concerned they wouldn't make any money. Hopefully next time they'll stick it out, and I hope they add some more food booths - at least local eateries, though fair food like at Adams Morgan Day (turkey legs, funnel cakes etc) would be cool.

There also wasn't much in the arts and crafts department, though there was a funny t-shirt place called T-Shirt Insurgency, and a painter. I'd like to see more of that too - maybe they can advertise for vendors.

And I was looking forward to seeing a zebra at the petting zoo, which was advertised on the site, but Stein said they have to choose between camel and zebra. Apparently the zebra can't be petted and it only walks around for a little bit of time, so I think he made the right choice.

I didn't hear much music either, it was mostly one guy with a guitar or one guy doing something else - I'd like to see more local bands. There are a zillion who I'm sure would like to play.

In all, I think it was pretty cool. Anybody else go? What did you think?


  1. I'm another one of the organizers. We actually had a table where we were giving away burgers, dogs, chicken wings and french fries until about 3:30. I think a lot of people missed it - which is probably for the better since we ran out of food twice and had to make mad runs to Giant!

    I think it was a success and a fun event, but we definitely learned a lot from the process and also from feedback like yours for next year. A few no-brainers for next time will be huge posters with a schedule of events and a map of the grounds pointing out the various attractions.

    And no question... we're seriously ramping up the food operation!

    Anyone who has suggestions or would like to be involved in next year's event should feel free to contact us at We're going to begin preliminary planning in January.

  2. lederhosen, not liederhosen.

    if you need the real thing, i have many pairs...

  3. Do you know when that panda express is supposed to open?


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