Thursday, October 2, 2008

Awesome car

I've seen this car around before, usually parked on 14th Street around Belmont, but haven't taken a picture before. It's a Ford Taurus (I think) raised up on some big rims. Pretty rad.


  1. I've seen that one around, too. It's actually a mid-1990s Chevy Impala. It must be interestng to drive the thing!

  2. It's actually a late 90's Caprice Classic. The Impala decal is missing from the C-Pillar.

    The Donk/Bubble movement is much bigger in Atlanta and Miami than it is here.

  3. That's it, donk. I was trying to think of the name for these cars.

  4. Well, they stopped making both the RWD Caprice and Impala in 1996. The dark grill reminds me of the Impala SS, though who knows with the custom paint job. I wonder how they pass inspection?

  5. You don't need inspections in Florida I'm assuming it's like that for a lot of southern states due to weather and liability reasons


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