Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wine bar opening in October

I somehow missed this: the much-maligned (and also much-supported) wine bar at 11th and Lamont St NW will be called Room 11, and it will be opening in October.

What do you think? 11 reasons to be mad? Or 11 wines to drink?

There's already a Yelp page for it, even though it hasn't opened.


  1. 11 seats. :)

    I will no doubt go there for desserts at least, perhaps after devouring a pizza at Red Rocks (assuming they can get their quality/consistency back up).

  2. I'm sure I'll go here at some point, but I still am sad that there is yet another place where I have to 'put on my face' just to sit outside and have a drink. Good thing Wonderland is a block away...But where will the families go?

  3. The vibe is going to be a very mellow, neighborhoody vibe according to the owners, not like a typical wine bar, so no need to put on the face ...

    there is an ANC meeting tonight to discuss liquor license application, drop by the Tubman school at Irving and 13th from 7-9 if interested in supporting. Also a discussion of the forthcoming bar on 14th and Newton.

  4. What's coming to 14th and Newton?

  5. I'll continue to buy my wine at Giant. I can get a bottle for 11 clams instead of just a glass. I don't need to visit a "third place" to enjoy expensive wine. However, I do hope they are successful. There are plenty of people who live in the neighborhood who don't work for the government or nonprofits who can afford this.

  6. Anonyomous, do you have confirmed information that its all going to be $11/glass? ;)

    Look, almost anybody with a job - even with the Gov or NGO - can afford a nice treat like that with friends every now and then.


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