Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The story of the abandoned house at 3004 13th St NW

So I've been looking into 3004 13th Street NW for a long time. You may recognize the house from my blog's banner - it's an abandoned but potentially nice row house, and I wondered what was going on with it - the neighborhood is getting more expensive, so why would somebody be crazy enough to sit on a house like this?

I looked into it a bit about a year ago and discovered it was actually owned by the DC Government! I thought this was pretty dumb, why should the city have this house off the tax rolls, when they could sell it and make money, and then put it back on the tax rolls with some taxpayers living there! I contacted Jim Graham and Vincent Gray's offices and after a bit of sleuthing, they and the city's Office of Property Management told me that the house had been seized by eminent domain for some reason and was about to be sold to a neighbor, and they sent me some documents about that.

But a year later, it's still empty. It turns out the sale didn't go through, so I started looking into it again. My friend in Jim Graham's office put me in touch with Martine Combral from the city's Department of Housing and Community Development, who told me the house will be auctioned off in November. Pretty great news! Combral said that both developers and residents will be able to bid, and that they "will definitely make sure that there is a clear process that is well advertised."

So if you're interested in a fixer upper, stay tuned around November!

Photo of the house by me


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  2. Very good sleuthing. It will be a magnificent place once it is renovated.

  3. do you know anymore details onthe property sale yet, like you my wife and I are curious about the potential of that property

  4. Anon #2, as far as I know it hasn't happened yet. Supposed to be in November.

  5. I am curious how much this property was sold at the auction end of january


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