Friday, September 5, 2008

Shooting on Irving on Tuesday

Since commenters keep asking about it, here's some info on a shooting on the 1200 block of Irving St NW on Tuesday. It comes from the police listerve:
An assault occurred on the 1200 blk of Irving St Nw at approximately 7:50 pm on 9-2-08. Complainant reports while talking to a friend he heard two shots and felt that he was hit. Complainant saw a grey colored SUV leave the scene. Complainant was transported to the hospital and admitted with a gunshot wound to his back. No description was given of suspect.
A resident of the block emailed me with this:
I was working at my desk (2nd floor of rowhouse on Irving, front room) and heard 3 or 4 loud shots. I immediately looked out my curtains, but everything seemed normal, so I went back to work. I just moved to the neighborhood and I always think I hear gun shots, but it's always some other sound, so I figured it was a car backfiring or some other random noise. Then [a friend] called me about 15 min later, I opened the curtains, and there were now police swarming the scene. So, though I heard the shots, that's about all the information I can give. A policewoman came and interviewed me, and I told her the same.
She said she didn't get any other information from the police.

In general, I don't like reporting on crime, since it tends to happen regularly. If something is really absurd, like the 14th and Fairmont Street shooting and fight, then I'll mention it. A good place to look for crime information is MPD's Third District listserves - there are two, the Substation (which I think is more useful) and the Third District itself.


  1. I was just leaving the house (on 11th near Irving) when I heard 4 or 5 gunshots from across the street. A silver SUV then came flying around the corner headed south on 11th. The shooting occured in front of the shady apartment building on Irving across from the Tubman playground. The intersection filled up with neighbors and people rushed to the kid who was shot.

    I called 911 and they said they were on it. The cops showed up a few minutes later. And they took the victim to the hospital.

  2. Some other big news:

    DCUSA was just evacuated because of a bomb threat. There was a large crowd of employees at the triangle plaza and police had the southbound side of 14th blocked off. I saw at least five K-9 units there and they were in the process of sending them in. Sorry but I didn't get any pictures.

  3. I just moved to Col. Heights from 16th St. I was driving in my car behind the "silver SUV". Although, I didn't really notice the SUV. I heard the 4 or 5 shots and didn't know where they were coming from and then saw the man shot fall to the ground. It was pretty frightening especially because being in my car on a one way street and not knowing where the shots were coming from, I felt trapped. Does anyone know which corners CH crews hang out on? (The man shot was in bright red - Bloods?)

  4. Thanks justin. my roommate called me about that too, but didn't know it was a bomb threat.


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