Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rumors about Tivoli changes

Prince of Petworth published some rumors from an "insider" about the retail spots in the Tivoli: that Carvel/Cinnabon is being replaced with a news stand, the new Asian place going into the Mayorga coffee shop will be run by a combination of people from Cafe Asia (the downtown one) and Asian Bistro in Silver Spring. The source also says Rumbero's will be replaced by a "swank lounge."

My take: interesting. I have no problem with Rumbero's leaving, as I had a bad experience there and it seems like a lot of other people did too. And I guess a swank lounge would be ok.

I never went to Carvel/Cinnabon, but some folks seem to like it - and others said it was no good. And as for the Asian spot, apparently Cafe Asia will run the downstairs sushi bar, and the Asian Bistro folks will run the upstairs Asian food part. I like Cafe Asia, but Robyn wrote that the upstairs Korean food that's there now is quite good.

Carvel Cinnabon is at 3307 14th St NW.

(Thanks to commenter GforGood for pointing this out.)


  1. Any change to that sad strip of businesses would be appreciated. I had the feeling that most of them wouldn't last. Cinnabun is horridly fattening and unhealthy and doesn't offer a large enough selection, Rumberos could never get their menu or service together and Mayorga just couldn't figure out what type of identity it wanted to have. Plus the space sucked. I'll be interested to see what's next, but I hope that strip isn't cursed.

  2. Hi everybody... It's hard to hear some bad comments but we need to be honest we have been having struggling with customer service. For that, we are happy to tell you guys we have taken some steps to improve our service with a new GM who is working from the last 4 weeks. About, the rumors of our possible moving out, we need to say that is totally false. Actually, because our happy fellows, we are thinking improve our services with a new project to build a lounge section. Please, we invite everybody to visit us and test our excellent food with a nice view of art gallery section and enjoy our live music every Friday and Saturday. Remember fellows that we are also preparing special events for next holidays.

  3. First of all Mayorga sucked balls, the only good thing about it was the bar tender. Second off the restaurant upstairs? What the hell were they thinking. Not only that, the people in charge employed underage and illegal employees, they also treated there employees like crap. I was a usual customer, and heard from the waitresses that they were never paid on time, nor did they ever receive a two week notice of the place being shut down. Last week I saw that they had been replaced without further noticed and were not paid their full paycheck. Now tell me where is the justice in that?

  4. Agreed. The Korean's who run the business really have no idea what they are doing. They didn't know if they wanted to have a club, restaurant, or coffee shop.
    Hopefully this time they can get their stuff together.
    and as for all the employees who were treated with no utter respect that is a shame.
    People really do take advantage of their employees and sadly it is seen in most places. People who run businesses usually have no sympathy and just use you when needed and find new employees.

  5. I'm pretty sure the same person is posting on all Mayorga related posts. Please give me specifics.

  6. The Korean restaurant (if you could call it that) really lacks basic things a restaraunt should have. I been there once and i agree that the customer service is poor. Though i did not catch anyone sleeping, i waited a good 30 mins just to be handed a menu. The menu was very disgusting, looked like it hasnt been washed in a while. The menu does not offer a wide variety of food, yet i could not make a decision. I ordered the dumplings there and i must admit, they were delicious. I wanted to get dessert, but i was dissappointed to hear that they do not offer dessert. The check for just dumplings and a coke were expensive for the quality of food they offered. It was good, but would anyone pay $10 plus tips for 5 dumplings?


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