Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the Columbia Heights farmers market

So I've been promising for awhile to write about the Columbia Heights farmers market. I don't know much about it, and haven't heard back from William Jordan, who presented it at the ANC meeting a few weeks ago, but here's what I do know.

They hope to have it at the triangle at 14th and Park on Saturdays, Sundays, and one day during the week, and will have farmers, youth groups, and the usual other vendors. It will be run by EMG Marketing Group and Change Inc., a local non-profit, but I can't find websites for either. Mr. Jordan, who presented the market at the ANC meeting, said EMG also runs the Adams Morgan and Brookland farmers markets. He said he didn't expect construction or the to-be-built fountain to effect the market.

As for time period, it's up in the air, and Jordan was to come back to the ANC meeting in October, so as far as I can tell it could be awhile - it looks like most local farmers markets run until November or December, so they'd have to move quickly. I'm all in favor of a farmers market, especially since it means fewer trips to Giant, but having it three days a week seems like a lot, especially with the Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, and 14th and U Farmers Markets nearby. But that said, I hope this happens and it's a success.


  1. I agree with what you say about the redundancy of all the farmers markets, but I think that many of the patrons of those markets live right here.

    That intersection gets so much foot traffic, I think that there will be many newcomers to the concept!

  2. I just hope it ends up being better than the old Columbia Heights farmer's market, which was on the site where Highland Park is now. That one featured a couple of OK food vendors, and a bunch of marginal non-food vendors selling questionable merchandise and "arts" items. It was completely overshadowed by the excellent MtP farmer's market. One day a week would be fine for me, so that plenty of time would be left for other uses and just hanging out in the park by the fountain.

  3. It will be good to have competition in the farmers' markets. I live in Mt. Pleasant, but usually go to the 14th & U farmers' market, where the prices are much better than the Mt. Pleasant market, for equally good produce. It would be nice to have another walkable market nearby in Columbia Heights.

  4. Does anyone have any updates on the farmers market concept for Columbia Heights?? It would be great to have a local fresh market again. I think Saturday should be the day and the rest of the week the plaza would be cleared for normal traffic. A market for several days would turn the plaza into another business zone that will change the character of the open space and raise other issues.


  5. I emailed William Jordan, the organizer, a couple times but didn't get any info.


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