Friday, September 12, 2008

New snow cone vendor

I've noticed a new snow cone vendor lately at the SE corner of 14th and Irving, near the CVS - they sell big snow cones out of those Chinese food takeout containers, or even bigger ones out of even bigger Chinese food containers.

I had the orange, it was pretty darn good, and only $2. They seem to be out there until about 6ish. One of the staffers was quite the salesman too, she was trying to sell me on getting extra flavors, which cost more. I said no thanks.


  1. i can also vouch for the wild cherry. went by today and it was delicious.

    something from my new york days that i still hanker for is the old-fashioned italian ice ... anyone know where you can get one of those around here?

  2. You mean gelato? Pete's Apizza.

    Not sure if shaved ice with syrup on it has anything to do with Italy..

  3. Sam - there's a Rita's Philadelphia Ice place at 14th and Park. Good Italian ice, or as those from Philly call it, "water ice."


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