Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harris Teeter vs Giant

I went to the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan for the first time today, and I was pretty impressed. It's not technically in Columbia Heights, but it probably is the closest grocery store for some CHers (though not me, Giant is still closer).

Basically it's between Whole Foods and Giant on the grocery spectrum - very nice inside, friendly employees, some high end produce and stuff, but still has your normal grocery stuff. For example, they had crazy fruits I'd never heard of before (sapote, cherimoya, pepino melon) but didn't have pasta made with funky grains like quinoa.

They also have locally grown produce, which is cool, and the beer prices and selection were comparable to Giant. The lines were non-existent too, and while Giant is also slower on Saturday afternoons, there's still always a wait there.

In short, I was a fan, and I'm going to go back more often. Anybody else have an opinion on the store?

The Harris Teeter is at 1631 Kalorama Rd NW.


  1. Harris Teeter is definitely the superior grocery store. The service is nice, checkout is fast, and the produce rivals Whole Foods. WF and Giant are both crazy at nearly every hour but the crack of dawn. HT is an easy bike ride (they also have an indoor bike rack, nice) from my place on Columbia.

  2. The Giant can't even hold a candle to Harris Teeter. It's got free parking for those inclined to drive, a nicer staff, more consistently stocked shelves, and minimal weekend checkout insanity.

  3. I like it; though the only time I've been there was a one-man protest in front shouting things at would-be customers about how the mom-and-pops were all going out of business now. I wanted to tell him if I wasn't there I'd be down at Whole Foods on P Street so I wasn't exactly taking business away from the corner grocery...

    Thanks for the link, btw.

  4. The prepared foods at Harris Teeter make the trip worth it for me. I recommend the Mac & Cheese.

  5. I second the prepared foods. Also the service is so much better than the Giant its worth mentioning over and over. Just the fact that people are nice is enough for me to go there, the Giant is an exercise in patience. So nice not to see random containers of half eaten food while I shop.

    Oh and a good selection of beers there too.

  6. I third the prepared foods selections... esp. the Carolina BBQ!!!

    Ever since HT opened in DC, I have not been back to Giant nor Whole Foods. HT has practically everything I need from the daily basics to the organics and even Riedel glassware! This says a lot considering that I live right around the corner from Giant and pass by WF almost daily on my way home from work.

  7. Gotta echo everyone else's comments. While it's more expensive, I think the "Teet" is leaps and bounds better than the Giant. Service, produce, product availability all insanely better than the Giant. It's especially nice to go to the Deli counter at the Teet and not be made to feel like you're bothering the person working behind the counter.

  8. I really enjoy their 2.99 sub of the day. Whenever I have a bad day, I know I can always look forward to a fresh made harris teeter sub. Not only will I get a A+ lunch, but i'll also get the joy of knowing I ONLY paid $2.99.
    If someone could please pinch me, i'm in heaven.

    Best Regards,
    #1 Harris Teeter fan

  9. I actually work at the Harris Teeter on Kalorama rd. And to clarify the original writer of this blog I do carry Quinoa grains in TWO different isles!!! For your gourmet enjoyment, we carry both Bob's Redmill organic Quinoa voted 2009 super food by Mens Health in isle number 2 in the rice section top shelf and in the international section also top shelf isle number 3. Enjoy!!!


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