Monday, September 29, 2008

Girard Park renovation plans

Councilmember Jim Graham just posted the details of the Girard Park redesign. He says construction will begin in December on the park, located at 14th and Girard, and the Department of Parks and Recreation estimates it will be open in summer 2009.

There will be tables, a raised rubber-sufaced basketball court, a plaza area with chairs and a fountain, as well as restrooms, which Graham says will be "regularly secured and cleaned by DPR and the Green Team."

As for security, "At night, the park will be secured by a fence. The fence features a retractable gating system that will close at night and present a wide open, inviting appearance during the day."

I also got this image from the Councilman's office. Kind of hard to read, but it gives you an idea. I would guess the zig-zags are the retractable gates.

Here's a full version of the plan. Looks pretty neat.


  1. I hope the new fence is stronger than the existing one - in multiple spots the bars have been pulled apart so that people can climb through. (Seen it happen on a few occasions, even when the gates are wide open).

    The plans do look pretty!

  2. Why can't we have something similar on 11th and Monroe? Why is that park, despite news articles, TV shows, tons of meetings and complaints, etc. being totally ignored by the city? I don't get it.

  3. I live across the street from this park. I am cautiously hopeful that the renovations will encourage more locals to actually use the park - it is currently little more than a vacant lot. Given the state of disrepair of the existing park, I am anxious to think of what a fountain and public restrooms could look like after a year of slack maintenance.


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