Saturday, September 6, 2008

Giant: not too bad so far

I went to Giant at about 11:30 am, it wasn't too bad. The lines weren't long, there was still water and bread and such. Anybody go more recently? How was it?

UPDATE: (I was referring to hurricane preparations in this post. I should have made that more clear.)


  1. I go there sometimes every day at any time of the day depending on my needs (as I like to buy my freshities fresh).. sometimes the lines are long but I never seem to wait very long. I was there Saturday evening and waited a little longer than normal because the girl in front of me was trying to confuse the lady to get free stuff with coupons and food stamps and then with the amount of money she gave her.. but it wasn't too bad and I still waited less time than if I had gone to another store in the area.

  2. True that. I was thinking more about people preparing for the hurricane. We got our supplies (namely beer) pretty easily.

  3. if you go during the week after 5 it is a mess. I get off work at 4:30 and will go straight there because once 5:30 hits, everyone is there. It is even worse on Sunday nights. Be prepared to wait in line for 25 minutes

  4. I went about 6 pm one Saturday too and it was horrible. It's generally horrible, is my rule of thumb. I buy as much stuff at Target as I can.

  5. ummmmm i NEVER go to the giant anymore. i avoid it like STDs.. i go to the harris teeter on kalorama instead.


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