Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Designer shoe store coming to Columbia Heights

I saw this little tidbit in the Post the other day, the local Simply Soles company will be opening a store in the neighborhood. The store is run by Kassie Rempel, who started the company out as a mail-order business.

I'm following up with her, so stay tuned.


  1. Hmm.. interesting.. I gather she has to have a loyal following and/or find a very cheap location or otherwise: thank you for coming and good bye at the same time..

  2. Actually it's a bit of both, but I do have a strong base in the Metro DC area and am hoping to draw them to Columbia Heights to help the neighboring businesses as well. I also hope the neighborhood will enjoy a shopping destination that isn't a big box pushing products from China.

  3. Kassia, ok, sounds good. I am sure you have thought it through and I wish you all the best. I gather you don't sell men's shoes? :)

    Can you hint on the location at all?

  4. no men's shoes. sorry. most men that i know don't obsess over shoes quite as much as we women do. location is under wraps. quite literally. :-)

  5. Hmmm.. so no I have to walk around all possible locations to figure it out.. :D

    Your point on men's shoes is correct, but leads to the unfortunate fact that is almost impossible to find any shoes in DC that are not either 1) mehh.. bland 2) for P.I.M.P.s..

    ps. I have a bit of borderline fetish for women in business suits and stylish heels.. Hmm. I guess I should not say that out loud on a blog like this.

  6. True, on the lame / pimp options in DC. However, Carbon in Woodley Park is doing a good job of providing cool options that aren't over the top,nor stuck in 1989. www.carbondc.com

  7. shut the fuck up losers


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